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Welcome to your Better Day!

Did you know that yoga can be done off the mat any time of the day to help you  feel well? If that catches your attention, then this mini course is designed for you! You will find 3 videos that contain yoga techniques to help you release stress that you gather throughout your day.

Waking up achy in the morning? You will learn simple moves before and after you leave your bed, that take only minutes to jump-start your day.

Spending many hours sitting at a desk? I will guide you through a short and very effective yoga sequence that can create new habits and release tension.

Need to improve your sleep? Use yoga as a ritual to ease the body and mind right before bed, so that your hours in bed are restful.

Simple. Efficient. Effective.            

Let me show you how.

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"Morning, Mary.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for the AM/PM videos. I was really struggling with anxiety today and tried your morning routine, and it really helped me. I feel much more ready to approach my day. Thanks so much!!!"