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Namaste.  Thank you mom, for exposing me to your personal yoga practice before mats, malas and meditations became so hip! (<-- Mom, at age 80, insisting I help her with her headstand!)  Deep in my core, I believe that nothing in this walk through life is ever wasted, and so my first 'glimpse' of her yoga practice, years of ballet, my engineering degree, gym workouts, my desire to help others align, years of Anusara training, time as a personal trainer, my shoulder surgery, teaching 'anatomy asana', my own advanced teacher training at World Peace Yoga and beyond, hours of mentoring/teacher training, have all evolved my love of this practice.  Yoga has changed my life!  Join me....

from students ~

"Mary's class is a workout for the body, a relaxation for the mind and a lesson in wisdom. While it might seem effortless, within a couple of weeks I could already notice the benefits in range of motion, strength and peacefulness."



"Knowledgeable, sensitive and serene.  Mary is a giver and so well versed in the body and what it needs.  Her background in personal training is a huge asset to how she sculpts her yoga classes.  If you attend her class, expect to learn something about how to be more mindful of your body."


"Mary is a phenomenal teacher. Her yoga classes are fun, practical, and inspiring.  The anatomy knowledge she brings to the mat is interesting and relatable. I always enjoy sitting in on anatomy sessions that Mary does with the teacher trainers at World Peace Yoga. Thank you Mary for all you share and give."


"For years my body felt the need to learn yoga, but stepping into established classes did not work for me. Fortunately, I found the perfect fit in Mary's small group yoga class.  She has inspired me for five years, and I have learned to love yoga, and do a few poses on my own each day."

"After a few years under Mary's guidance I was inspired to teach yoga and earn my certification.  I once again became the student with Mary as my instructor during my training at World Peace Yoga where she is a fabulous "teacher's teacher."  So grateful for Mary's knowledge and love of yoga that helped to transform my own life and awaken in me my own yogic journey."


"It wasn’t until I was suffering a family crisis that I truly needed yoga to survive.   It was Mary and her teaching that pulled me through our crisis.  Week by week I would go to Mary’s class and come out with a renewed sense of hope.  Mary has a tone of voice, a calming and confident voice, that guides you through a class and literally speaks to your heart, mind and soul.   She guides the new students and challenges the veteran students."


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