Home Practice Framework

home practice on the mat transformation yoga Feb 01, 2021

There is a private and soulful commitment as you step onto the yoga mat, with or without an instructor.  In our last class, we built a framework together to get you there, maybe for the first time, maybe for more time, maybe alone.  Your excitement and enthusiasm were overwhelming, and so I share my class design notes with you. 

 'So much to lose...tension, self-doubt, fear, low energy, scattered mind...'


+  find a space and lay down your mat, and keep it there if you can

+  let go of expectations, 'any amount is fine', and you have permission to stay or leave

+  define your GO TO POSE - no mat? no time? which pose could you do? 

+  go to your mat and play for 5 minutes and be spontaneous as you move, or sit, or breathe


'Do what you can, when you can, for as long as you can'


+  create your own 'MAGIC 10', based on Sharon Gannon's teachings, 10 poses, 10 breaths/pose, 10 minutes on your mat                  (this magic could be 3, 4, 5.. poses too, mine is below, choose what you love and what works for  you)



 'Meditate, just please meditate!'


 +  notice the best time of day to sit with your breath and be still, even meditating for 1 minute each day counts                                     (less daily > more randomly)

+  to improve your sleep, try slow forward bends, reclined poses, legs up the wall, or the breath practice of 4.7.8 (inhale 4, hold 7, exhale 8, 8 times) to settle the nervous system and brain, and leave the 'screens' behind


Framework leads to action, so my desire is that you step into your space, onto your mat, as often as you can.   

Enjoy your home practice!

...with love, Mary