off the mat transformation Jan 27, 2021

Somehow it feels like the human condition to heal survives it all, that we continue to hope, that we continue to help, to understand, to listen, to contribute. Every generation suffers. Every human will look back and list the good and the bad, those events and struggles they somehow made it through, or not, without pain or anger or scares. We all have been molded and scratched and forced into some loss.

But, can we look back with a new perspective?

Is it possible that each stone in our path has been there to transform us? Maybe we need it all to become more deeply human.

Maybe nothing is ever wasted, but it is all intentional, on this path toward remembering who we really are... the divine.


(a little something from my journal that has led me to teach, during this final month of a very rough year, about transforming our perceptions and feelings about it all...)

We breath, we move, we meditate so that our subtle energy can transform 2020 into something we may value, looking back.

See you on the mat.

...with a  new perspective, Mary