off the mat Sep 19, 2021


You hear it over and over again... drink, daily, half your weight (in ounces) in water!

That seems like an easy thing to do, but soon we fall out of the habit of hydrating ourselves sufficiently. Water feeds all of our body's systems. It keeps you breathing, circulates your blood, stimulates your glands, helps with digestion, feeds your cells, regulates your nervous system, lubricates your movements and joints, helps you heal, calms you to sleep, promotes healthy muscles and skin, and on it goes.

Counter to that are alcohol, caffeine, disease, excessive sweating, and fever, all of which dehydrate us. If you feel sluggish, dizzy, agitated, or thirsty, you have already robbed your system of the water it needs.

All of that comes from my experience, and since I am not a physician, please do your own research.

On the lighter side, here are a few suggestions to keep a happy habit of hydrating.

  • drink through a straw (my #1 success tip to get it down)
  • choose specific times to hydrate (morning, on the way home, at your desk, while cooking, during exercise)
  • like your water bottle, and keep filling it
  • add something to your water (protein powder, powdered greens, lemon, fruit...)
  • hydrate earlier in the day
  • need structure? measure out half your weight in ounces so you can reach your goal

Practice this just as you practice on your mat, giving your body the capacity to work well.

Contact me if you have questions or would like to share your tips!

Cheers. mary