one more drop ... .. . a goodbye to mom

off the mat transformation yoga Nov 22, 2021


'picture a clear drop of water, perfect in shape, tiny, reflective, unknown in its purpose and place, it starts to fall, with no will at all, like rain, into the greater pool, and as it disappears onto water’s surface, it’ spreads its’ purpose, like perfect rings radiating away from itself, to serve the greater, the other… and that was our mother …her wisdom and service, she was grace from above, each drop of her love

and now picture fire, energy, effort that rises higher, determined to transform the tougher times, the work that demands, very busy hands ..the gumption to move through fear, a way to clear confusion, to free the illusion that clouds us… she shows up strong, brave, present but subtle, always with love,  always humble

so each drop of love, that she offered to us, must now move through us and radiate to others, every gift, faith, manners, lessons to be well in body and soul, to remain whole, to create abundance and beauty, and dance at every chance, remain long at the table, be very able, to cook and clean, place hands in the dirt, nurture all, speak with kindness, forgive with ease, be pleased with you as you are, be you, do you…

through time, with less of her mind, she lost her reflections, her frustrations, with simple replies of ‘sure’, oh so sweet and pure, still mom, forever kind, no measure of time, fewer insights to drop into our pool, she went quietly inside, her own beautiful self haven, her warmth rises, surrendering to this place …we are left to feel her grace fall, one drop at a time

no pouting’ she would say, I am home, I am free, back to me, but before I leave, just 1 more drop for each, please…hold on tight if you need, then radiate, shine, you will always have this love of mine'               ~words by mary for Rita's celebration of life

"To all of you on the mat, thank you for continuing  your yoga practice so that you will remain well and whole. I had no idea that my own practice would inspire my daughter to teach so many. Remember to be kind to yourself, and to take insights that you find on the mat and use them off the mat. Thank you for the times you greeted me, even when I did not recognize you any longer. And thank you for being much more than a student to my daughter. Breathe well, and live well. Love, Rita"