"meditation is not evasion.

it is a serene encounter with reality."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


meditation is a practice that helps you settle your brain, know yourself more, and manage your choices well.

it is your chance to contribute to your own health daily, simply by sitting still.  what happens after that is...well...just wait and see.  

science has shown us that mediation lowers the stress in your body and cells, and allows your nervous system to get quiet, allowing your body to do what it does best...heal naturally.

so sit, for even a few minutes each day, and create this habit that feeds your body, your soul, your creativity, your heart's desires.

as we have practiced together, here are a few pathways into meditation.  

all you need is a seat that keeps your spine tall,

a consistent time to sit and be still, 

and the desire to listen.

remember, less daily is better than longer once a week.

witness breath

comfortable seat

watch inhale/exhale

bring mind back again and again

japa mala

comfortable seat

move one bead at a time

connect with breath or mantra


comfortable seat

focus mind 

repeat mantra (e.g. 'let go')

bring mind back again and again


walking, swimming

cooking, asana

with mental focus


comfortable seat

no trying, resisting

just be still


comfortable seat

send love to those you love

send love to friends

send love to those difficult to love

send love to strangers

send love to yourself

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