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this 'yoga thing'

You decide to check out this ‘yoga thing’.

You find a class and buy a mat.

You can’t touch your toes.

You sweat more than you anticipated.

You don’t like downward facing dog but love triangle.

You discover that you have never really paid much attention to your breath.

You find a friend in class and take the front row with them.

You feel happy when your teacher learns your name.

You sleep a full 8 hours, which is not your norm.

You get frustrated because your toes are still so far away!

You notice yourself saying no to anything that gets in the way of your class.

You do a triangle in your kitchen in jeans.

You tell a friend about how you feel in savasana.

You get mad when you overstretch your hamstrings trying too hard to reach for those toes!

You pick up a yoga magazine at the grocery store.

You start to notice how you feel inside when you eat.

You wish you could do a backbend better, so you ask for help after class.

You decide to add another class to your week.

You invite your best friend to the free class at the park.

You get sick and miss the practice and the yoga community that has formed around you.

You try turning yourself upside down after class.

You try crane pose at home and do a face plant in front of your dog.

You wonder where all this yoga came from.

You start questioning why you do things in your life.

You become more careful with your time.

You decide to use a block in your forward bends to avoid frustration.

You set a goal to not complain for an entire day.

You buy a better mat and your own yoga blanket to practice at home.

You notice that your lower back has not hurt in months.

You get a nice assist in class from a teacher trainee.

You decide you are addicted to this ‘yoga thing’ and you continue on for months…your body feels great, you are sleeping and eating better, and you can do lots of poses without too much effort.

Now what?

You decide to dig deeper.

You take a leap and go to an open house about deepening your practice, not sure why.

You start the training and meet one weekend a month for a year.

You become connected to a group of like-minded yogis searching for more on the mat.

You study and practice and question everything.

You learn more about how the body moves and how to avoid injuries.

You enjoy the reading about yoga philosophy and understand yoga’s roots.

You continue on this journey….not quite sure where it will take you.

You realize that the poses are just the start of this practice.

You fall in love with meditation.

You continue on……

This ‘yoga thing’ starts with the body, the poses, and takes you to unexpected places. Maybe you change your eating habits. Maybe you heal an injury. Maybe you get stronger or improve your balance. Maybe you become more intentional with your time. Maybe you dump anger and replace it with forgiveness. Whatever you need from this practice, it will surface starting on your mat. But that is only the beginning as this ‘yoga thing’ is HUGE and has the potential to change your life, and even save your life! The time on the mat is like planning this amazing trip that will change you forever. Going deeper into a foundational or advanced training for your own personal spiritual growth or to become a teacher is like getting on the plane. It is the next step in this practice, and you can’t do it alone. Moving forward with training is priceless and an investment in you. Step forward, take the leap, train and learn, and you will never look back with regrets. Instead you will discover the amazing depth and value of this ‘yoga thing’, and fall in love with this practice again and again, each time you step onto the mat.

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