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'high in the sky' is risky, and even unfair, to put anyone on a pedestal. elevated from reality, that person may lose touch...disconnected, uprooted, displaced...placed in a position of performance, perfection and high expectations. even worse, with head in the clouds, they become more of their ego, and lost from their higher Self. meanwhile, those below are left with a twisted perception and wait for the performance to begin. and then comes the inevitable disappointments...

...and so, allow every human to remain with feet securely rooted and head out of the clouds, perfectly imperfect and humble, and yet amazingly interconnected as one. cut everyone some well deserved slack, and free your own heart from disappointment. evolve and participate together as human beings...being compassionate, whole, holy.

...there is only one that deserves and fills that elevated pedestal...perfectly and with love.

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