• mary

turn it all around

I understand

I see

I speak

I love

I can

I feel

I am

how will I climb this ladder of subtle energy

to evolve my enlightened being at the crown?

starting from the substance of who I am

with all of my emotions and determinations and flaws

that pass through my heart and channel through my words

and filter how I see this life in front of me.....

no wonder I feel this climb to understanding

to be a 'not-so-subtle' journey.

but what if I turn that climb into a horizon

laying out each subtle energy as if they were 'piano keys'

as my teacher once said to me?

then, rather than struggle to pass through and reach for the next

I 'play' their subtle lessons together

in each moment of my transformation to wholeness.

I am I feel I can I love I speak I see I understand .....

#yoga #chakras

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