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oh, the elusive home yoga practice! ask any new teacher what disappears when they begin to teach others, and you will hear, not always, but most likely, their own home practice. and so, whenever I was blessed to spend a weekend with a more seasoned teacher, out came the obvious request, "please share with me your secrets of your home practice."

"oh, my gosh, just meditate, always meditate!" -Rod Stryker

"do what you can, when you can, as often as you can." -Betsy Downing

"share authentically from what surfaces on your own mat." -Sianna Sherman

after spending time with your own teacher, practicing at home is the next step in learning yoga, except that you end up learning more about yourself.

here are a few lessons from my own mat, in my own hOMe:

- it is possible to do a downward dog in blue jeans in the kitchen!

- meditation on my back deck, with the sun on my back, in the morning, is the perfect way to ensure that I will return, again and again!

- lighting a candle, choosing an essential oil, surrounding myself with something that creates a sacred space draws me into my practice.

- if I move around on my mat, but forget to breathe, it doesn't count.

- when I am too tired, legs up the wall is my best friend.

- developing moves to do in the car or on an airplane can save a trip and your back!

- speaking of trip...that home practice is portable, so take it with you!!!

- stepping onto the mat daily, even for a 5 minute session with my breath can change everything.

- home practice means I get to be my own boss, my own guide, my own creative artist, with my own body.

- it's ok to attempt, say 'not right now', and walk away...there's always tomorrow!

- absorb some motivation from others, ask for help, read a good book!

- don't ever try to be and your friends won't like YOU that way!

I wish you many blissful and even challenging moments with your own home practice. If you would like my help getting started, let's chat.

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