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start with stillness, inhale, exhale, inhale, all your attention on your breath, creating an even, steady flow of energy in, tension out.

add to that steady breath, a connection of the four poses above:

inhale to triangle,

exhale extend your upper arm along side your ear,

inhale to warrior II,

exhale to reverse warrior

(keeping the legs the same, and just reversing the arms).

repeat 3-5 times.

this tiny, but energetic flow sequence was a hit in my classes last week! flow is:

a moving meditation on your mat,

a chance to revisit and drop deeper into the poses,

a rhythmic weaving of the breath and body together as one,

an expression of one's personality and self,

a choice of speed or slow motion.


sequence credit: Elena Brower's Wintertime Wellness class on Yogaglo

asanaglyphs: taught and inspired by Erica Jago

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