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the perfect sattva ... spring

the sanskrit term SATTVA describes goodness or purity, a state of equilibrium, a fundamental quality of nature. spring feels like the perfect midline

between winter/summer... cold/hot... dark/light...hibernation/high energy.

on the mat, we consider SATTVA to be the place of the middle; just enough core engagement, but you can still breathe...just enough extension, but you still feel grounded... just enough alignment, but you still feel authentic in your body.

this past month, we have celebrated spring with our practice:

ROOT! get in the dirt and feel your foundation, connect through your feet

SEED! transform your potential into energy, use your muscles

SPROUT! expand into the light, create length in the spine

GROW! manifest the best version of you, cultivate your strength

off the mat, SATTVA your life with loving moments, with more time outside, with an intention to move toward the middle, that longing for balance in all moments. SATTVA is like getting in the dirt and planting the seeds, and then being still enough to notice each sprout and each new growth.

happy spring!

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