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on II off the rituals

"countless early birds have refused to let medial daily tasks bully this golden time..."

"whether you wake up early to work on a passion project or use that time to indulge in doing nothing, beginning with a routine makes these moments distinct..."

"if all your do is wake up 15 minutes earlier to sip rather than gulp your coffee, you're opening yourself up to a more intimate life..." ~all from nathan williams

a 'good' would you construct yours? imagine that this ritual of claiming some time in the earlier hours could contribute to your own health and happiness...what would that look like?

here's mine, which by the way, takes intention to claim.

_____ . a walk outside with my dog, even when it is cold.

_____ . movement and breathing on my mat, even when I only have 5 minutes.

_____ . a cup of tea or lemon water.

_____ . a few pages of a book, or a glance out at my garden.

_____ . breakfast with my husband, or alone, but not with my computer!

_____ . a conscious decision of how to 'be' today, before I begin my to do's.

if you choose yoga in the morning, emphasize the breath and easy movement, and hold off on the deep stretching for later in the day. here is a basic sun salutation to move your body as you breathe deeply. modify as needed, and watch how a few of these in the morning change your day! if nothing else, do a downward facing dog and take 10 deep breaths.

(drawings by mary, inspired by Erica Jago's asanaglyphs)

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