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My class during the lunch hours at Mercy Health is about 10 years in the practicing! Early on, I started noticing that my students, whether new to the practice or not, had incredible balance. How is this possible?

For years, I would watch frustrated students in my other classes wobble and dance around in balance poses trying to find stability with either giggles or disgust. Or, I would feel the energy in the room drop as they would dread to even attempt balancing on one leg or two hands. I tried everything to ease the tension by explaining how your physical balance rests on your emotions, your age, your injuries, your foot and arch design, your fear....and then it hit me....the time of day and what your brain has been up to are keeping my students steady!

Mercy Health students, you win! Your balance amazes me and keeps me creative to challenge your strength and focus as you hover on one leg! Thanks to all of my students who continue to be my most consistent teachers.....


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