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my first teacher!!!!!

my hero!

my mom!

my first yoga teacher!

she has been doing this practice for as long as I can remember...I have a vivid memory of her on a blanket in her bedroom in a shoulder stand, following Richard Hittleman's 'Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan', in yes, book format.

no mats, no yoga pants, no teacher...just her raw determination to be healthy.

I thought she was so cool and beautiful.

and then when my parents moved from my hometown of Lakewood where they lived for 54 years, I found this album in the basement of their words needed!

mom is now 84, with scoliosis, arthritis in her back, and dementia. she walks with a friend daily, continues yoga with me, and sleeps and eats better than anyone I know! she is a minority when it comes to living a natural life, verses a clinical life...yep, no medications!

is it her genes? maybe.

is it her years of nursing? maybe.

her active life style? maybe.

is it the yoga? I hope so!

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