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yoga y'all!

we have 'Edisto-d' for about 20 years, combining our family with our dear southern friends. beach vacations over the years, in this single destination, have become way more about the gathering than the trek south. when the kids were little, they thought we owned the beach house, and it was a given that the end of school signaled the large collection of gear we would stuff into our van. rituals formed as the years repeated...bocci ball on the beach, boat excursions to Otter Island, cracking blue crabs, Amy's famous key lime pie, Hobson's undeniable grilled shrimp, the underling competition to find sharks teeth, the reunion with our 'southern family'.

I personally have walked Edisto beach in the early mornings with my friend Flora, with many laughs and tears, as we have processed and pondered life, with it's overwhelming speed and almost predictable surprises. as we have evolved, so has our morning routine, to include yoga...sometimes with the family and fishermen, but mostly with the girls.

this year we practiced this sun salutation, my new favorite, as it energizes and reaches the entire body. below are a few instructions. enjoy!

start in mountain

reach arms overhead as low belly draws in

interlace hands, lean to right, then left

interlace hands behind head, lift chest and move hips forward

bend knees and hips, hands at heart, chair pose

straighten legs and back, pull shoulder blades closer together

high lunge with long spine and feet hips width apart

reach arms overhead while pushing down into feet

hook right elbow over left knee to twist lunge, squeeze hips together

plank with active lower belly and thighs

cobra with shoulders back and long spine

curl toes under, hips to heels, arms extend forward, puppy

down dog with strong arms

lift right leg, bend knee high, sink left heel, strong arms

swing right foot forward between hands to high lunge

step left foot in to plant heel, toes slightly out, arms up, warrior I

step right into tree with arms in a T

cross left ankle over right knee, sink hips back, standing hip stretch

end in mountain....other side

it's a lot, but not. just practice and soon you will be flowing easily with your breath.

namaste y'all!!!

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