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lessons from a puppy

I only lasted 3 months without a dog.

our house...way too quiet.

my yoga practice...missing a bud.


and then we found her, the smallest, only female of the pack...saved by the shelter.

everyone asks us 'what is she'? probably a mix of lab, terrier, boxer....but really,

she is our teacher!

just a few lessons passed on from our Olive...

wake up with the sun....go to bed with the moon

greet and treat everyone as if they were your new best friend

take a nap daily, maybe more than one

do yoga, especially first thing before a walk

notice everything that is new, like the wind blowing your ears around

be teachable, trainable, but still have an opinion

question every rule to see if it exists (<don't do that!)

be ok with routines, in fact, feel safe in them

say thank you after eating food, even if it is the same every day

always find the oldest in the group and sit by them (they are special)

forgive quickly if someone steps on you

play time is necessary for happiness...even with the big dogs

don't just go after something you want...approach with leaps and bounds

trust those that rescue you, from anything

respond to positive reinforcement

lay in the sun as much as possible

get outside!

give kisses, a lot

love just because

(thanks Olive for rescuing me)

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