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fly to the moon!

the more time spent on your mat, keeping your practice consistent and real for your body, the more positive results you will feel from yoga. this pose becomes a favorite after many weeks, months, maybe even years!

ardha chandrasana, meaning half moon, is a full body and mind pose. it takes guts and provides glory when you reach that fulfilling combo of balance, strength and expansion, so take it in baby steps, and practice it consistently.

a few baby steps to consider:

* use a block to bring the floor up to you

* keep the gaze down to assist your balance

* hold onto a table or wall if the floor is too intense

* do the entire pose up against a wall until you find strength

* practice facing the chest and gaze to the floor with a smaller lift in the back leg

* do 'watch-asana', which gives you permission to watch someone else do the pose!

namaste to these wonderful yogis at Mercy Health...and thanks Rita for choosing this as your favorite!

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