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in a drop of oil

my early memories of my yoga practice include these words from one of my teachers,

"just wait until your yoga practice trickles into all aspects of your life."

I was confused until years later when my practice trickled off my mat and onto my plate.

the shift to plant-based food has changed my life and my family's perspective on

why and what we choose to eat.

my nourishment now includes a plant-based practice.....

I have spent most of my life in the garden.

yoga showed up there too as I connected deeper to

what was in front of me, precious oils.

I had no idea that the same scent released as I brushed past my lavender plant

would one day improve my sleep and skin,

that the wildness of my peppermint would cool me and relieve pain,

and that the lemon trees I grew from seed would

energize my water and help settle inflammation.

my gardening surrounds me in a plant-based practice....

finally, my practices trickled into every detail of our home.

how I clean and care for our home, myself, and family

have flipped to a healthier, natural, simple method.

once I realized that all of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals could easily fall away,

I was left with a home and family using a plant-based practice....

join me!




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