split it in half!

I am always, always learning from my students!

they are my greatest teachers and source of inspiration!

one of my students recently asked me to help her with sun salutations. she was, like many others, struggling to do an entire sun salutation multiple times, finding it challenging to make all the up and down transitions. her question inspired both me and others to think outside of our mat routines.

my response to her question: split it in half!

do all the standing parts multiple times,

then do all the on-the-mat parts multiple times.

we all practiced it together, and now I offer it to you as part of your home practice.

keep in mind that you can hold each pose for several breaths or flow with the breath from pose to pose.

standing half: mountain

inhale arms overhead

exhale forward bend

inhale lift torso half way

exhale bend knees touch ground

inhale hands to waist lift head to mountain...

repeat several times

on-the-mat half: plank

exhale lower knees then chest

inhale cobra

exhale push through table

downward facing dog

return to plank....repeat several times

namaste my dear students/teachers!

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