yoga your skin!

yoga helps us wake up!

it turns up our awareness.

check out this amazing shower my husband constructed in our home!

it is a place we all use daily, but how awake are we?

whether you wake at 5am or 9am,

you can turn up your awareness on your own health right in your shower!

what's in your shower?

even more specific,

what are you allowing your largest organ to absorb

into your one and only sacred body every day?

they say that if you can't eat it, it is best to keep it away from your skin.

so on my shower shelf:

a couple of bottles of homemade shampoo

a moisturizing bar of soap

my favorite 2x/week facial scrub

some lavender soap for body, hair, face

my 1x/week, can't-live-without body scrub

some dental floss (my dentist convinced me it would happen daily in the shower)

a dry brush with some oil before or after I shower

my new love...homemade mango body butter

goodbye grocery store chemicals and toxic products...

hello healthy clean (inside and out) body and skin!

wake up.

please wake up.


questions? please be in touch...

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