january pose of the month

welcome back to 'pose of the month'!

we spend some time in each class discovering alignment and useful tips

to feel strong and capable in a particular asana.

my intention is to make poses accessible in new ways,

and to have you realize your body's likes/dislikes.

you will get lots of practice and modifications each month

so that you can make this yoga more personal!

find more freedom and joy, and even a desire to practice more often.

january.....the lunge!

we often don't consider a lunge a significant asana/pose on our mat.

it feels like a transition.

it serves as a connector.

it can challenge our balance.

it can trip us up as we swing our

front leg into place.

it makes us wish we had longer arms,

or stronger legs,

or something....

this foundational pose can be lifted, twisted, lowered, turned up-side-down.

our lunge is found in warrior I, warrior II,

side angle, cresant pose, pigeon....

....best to know it well and aligned.

like all standing poses, start with the feet and work your way up.

here are my best tips:

*align your front foot with your hands - to keep front knee directly over ankle

*place you back foot directly behind its hip - to keep lateral space between your feet

*root down strong through entire front foot

*lift back inner thigh to fully straighten back leg

*come up onto your finger tips and lengthen your spine and head forward

*your legs are everything in this pose - keep them strong

*add a twist, or arms overhead, or transition into a warrior pose!

(modifications and more in class...see you on the mat!)

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Photo credits: Amy Geibel