february/march pose of the month

gomukhasana, our cow face pose, is a challenger, but oh so nice for the hips.

this pose asks us to listen to our body, so that we know how to get into these 'pretzel-like legs', without harm to the hips, knees and ankles.

so my first suggestion is try this on your back!

yep, it keeps your spine in a very nice neutral position,

while you explore the bottom half of the pose.

as you stack one knee over the other, and draw the knees in toward the chest,

balance that action with keeping the lower back on the mat.

relax shoulders, and breathe!!!!!

next step, try it from a seated position, with your hands behind you

to leave more space in the hips, and open your chest.

if you feel safe in the joints, and need a little more 'spice' in the hips,

begin to walk hands forward, without over rounding the spine.

and of course, reasons not to do this pose...

not great for my body!

don't like it!'


ah, the practice of ahimsa!

we can find you another hip opener....

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Photo credits: Amy Geibel