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the practice of yoga brings you into a state of sattva, a place of balance and harmony. you have heard me teach on this so many times, recently at the beginning of this new decade. I shared with you my word for 2020... 'practice', and not in terms of simply yoga, but in all aspects of this life. and so now, as we are all faced with new requirements that challenge our norms, and news that feels confusing and threatening, and disbeliefs that our days require isolation, I ask you to determine your own 'practice' in search of this balance.

here is my list, as of today...

(click on my links to some favorite resources)

I am alive and healthy, and will continue to maintain my practice of healthy eating, enough sleep, and time outside (mostly with Olive).

I come to my mat daily, for yoga (asana), mediation, and pranayama.

I strengthen my muscles with light weights, and now am totally motivated by this free 14 days of Yoga International with Rocky! Check out this isometric strength series.

I chose to define this time not only by the pandemic, but as a time of opportunity to read, to clean out, to create, to connect, to rest, to tidy all that piles up and hangs around us like an unnecessary weight.

I keep my awareness wide open for opportunities to serve those who can't help themselves, or are alone, or are too old to grocery shop..... or to help feed those on the front lines in the hospitals. Pleasantry in OTR is doin just that. Click here to purchase a meal for a healthcare worker for $10. Amazing service to others!

what's on your list?

stay healthy and well friends.

ooooooommmmmmmm mary

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