liquid bliss!

I teach all the time about keeping a balance

between strength and flexibility,

and stability and mobility.

Our bodies need this balance to keep our muscles, bones, and joints moving well.

A dear student recently asked what I take to keep my joints feeling well.

My response always starts with yoga, added to that,

walking, light weight strengthening,

and good sleep. <--- (basics that become non-negotiable as we age).

Without dumping into the whole food thing, I include in my answer

a few daily drinks that are packed with anti-inflammatory benefits.

First - match tea (also known as 'pond water' under my roof,

labeled by my coffee-loving husband!!!).

Second - tumeric paste/milk (the recipe came home with my

husband from work when his buddy cured his lower

back pain with this 'miracle').

Before the details.... a disclaimer that I am not a doctor or a nutritionalist,

so what you choose for your body is up to you. It is super smart, so listen closely.

Also, I am not dissing coffee drinkers! Have always loved the smell, but not the taste.

Matcha was an acquired taste for me, so 'pond water' was pretty accurate of my first sip!

Lastly, watch out for the staining of turmeric, and let me know if you find anything that

removes it from fabric!

I purchase mine online, but you can find this at the grocery and tea shops.

If you buy a cheap one, you will become a 'pond water' member!

For the turmeric paste recipe, click here. There are many out there,

but I love this one, and usually have everything I need in my pantry.

It is easy and quick to make, and the recipe gives you options for uses.

I just mix a tablespoon with nut milk and consider it one of my daily supplements.


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