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Updated: May 11

In the midst of this pandemic, which feels unbelievable on a daily basis, there are diamonds, and one of these is our technology. I never thought I would teach yoga live via the internet... I am too hands-on, too social, too dependent on our shared energy. But now, my gratitude for is overflowing! Not because I can continue to work, but because I can continue to teach. It is my personal conduit to help, and if it means via an iMac on my disorganized desk, in one of my spare rooms, with Olive sleeping on my mat, my knees dusty from gardening, and my house a mess, BRING IT ON.

One diamond that surfaced during my first live class is the overflowing joy of students seeing each other during this stay-home order, sharing stories, inviting friends to join in, showing compassion for each other's fears....then we move, breathe, meditate, and hang onto the next time we can be together.

Both of my Anderson Township classes and my World Peace Yoga class are now live on Here is my new schedule, for now, through safer times.....

Monday mornings 8:30-9:15 am (light weight training) click here

Monday evenings 6-7:15 pm (yoga) click here

Wednesday mornings 8:30-9 am (light weight training) + 9-10 am (yoga) click here

Wednesday evenings 5:15-6:15 pm (yoga via World Peace Yoga*)

*register at the World Peace Yoga website here

No yoga experience needed. You don't even need a mat.

No special clothing. You can even come late.

Just come and invite someone who might need this practice.

Stay well, very well. mary

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