Yoga Nidra on Your Mat (audio)

I share this practice with you in times of a pandemic, inequality, difficult media, and much uncertainty. Sometimes, when our external world is turned upside-down, it may be helpful to retreat inward, even for a short while, not only to rest, but to give our fears and frustrations a chance to settle. Yoga nidra can help.

As meditation requires a vertical spine, yoga nidra requires a horizontal spine.

This is not a nap, or sleep (although that may happen if you are really exhausted!)

Instead, this is a chance to be still and quiet, while guided mentally through rest.

Why do this? Here are a few gifts you may receive:

  • relief from information overload (brain clarity)

  • less stress (a switch to your parasympathetic nervous system)

  • unloading of emotions (release deep past experiences and current worries)

  • a shift in perception (physical body to subtle body)

  • intense relaxation (often equivalent to a few hours of dreamless sleep)

  • a trip deeper into the yoga limbs (fewer senses, concentration, meditation, bliss)

Do this any time, any where that is quiet, in a place you can get horizontal,

and I will lead you in the rest. Your only effort is to remain still and calm.

Enjoy, and namaste!

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