your (subtle) rights!

Along your beautifully designed spine, runs a series of energy centers in your subtle body, each uniquely holding lessons and gifts. By going inside to acquaint yourself with your CHAKRAS,

you reap a deeper understanding of YOU,

with all of your emotions, desires, and internal wisdom. Consider it your internal guidance to make sense of the external.

Running from the 1st chakra at the base of your spine to your 7th at the crown of your head, you have the right to:








A brief summary to help you navigate your journey inside:

muladhara base of spine earth standing poses satisfied with enough

svanisthana sacral water hip openers comfortable with desires

manipura solar plexus fire twists, core seated in confidence

anahata heart air back bends open to love

vishuddha throat sound shoulder stand intentional with words

ajna third eye light child's pose clear in vision

sahasrara crown bliss seated mediation connected by guidance

How to balance these energy centers? Commit time with yourself, and approach this study with humility, passion and grace. Be inspired and enthusiastic to learn your subtle body from the inside out. Listen to the ancient advice "KNOW THYSELF".

Sound too etherial? Need some practical 'how to's'? Here it is:

* get to your mat, to do asana, breathing, meditation

* spend time writing, walking, doing anything that quiets you

* be willing to self-study your pain, anxiety, past memories... whatever is gripping you

* work ono-on-one with a teacher for some initial guidance through the chakras

* read up on the subtle body, and then step into your own designed self-study

My favorite CHAKRA resources:

'Angelus' by Erica Jago & Roos van der Kamp (an experiential chakra book)

'Anatomy of the Spirit' by Caroline Myss

'Anatomy of the Subtle Body' by Tias Little

'Wanderlust' by Jeff Krasno

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