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Thank you for coming to your yoga mat. I am thrilled to bring you my Glimpse Yoga classes online, and to be able to expand our community in this way. Take the time to try my sample classes below to experience my offerings. I invite you to choose a membership that works for your desires. Enjoy the freedom of practicing in your own space when it is convenient for you. All are welcome.

See you on the mat!


membership options



Join me for single, online LIVE classes, giving you the option to practice from your home, or as you travel. Time is given before and after class for questions and community. For class schedule, see below.

$10 /class



This membership provides an ever-growing library of Yoga for Life classes for you to access in your space and on your schedule. You may also attend my LIVESTREAM classes at no additional charge. 

$35 /month


Strength YOGA

This membership gives you access to Strength Yoga classes, forming a growing library to keep you motivated, moving well, and strong. You may also attend my LIVESTREAM classes at no additional charge.

$35 /month


 $350 /year


 $350 /year




Your future self will love you for this gift of self care!  You will have access to all  classes, Yoga for Life, Strength Yoga, and LIVESTREAM! This is the ultimate gift to build your practice and enhance your life. Your annual savings is $240!

$600 / year 


** If you are a health care worker, or are unable to purchase classes, please contact me directly.

Our community is all-inclusive and I would love to serve you on the mat.   [email protected] **



morning classes

M     8:30-9:10 am    Strength Yoga

W    8:30-9:10 am    Strength Yoga


evening classes

M    4:00-5:00 pm    Yoga for Life

M    6:00-7:00 pm    Yoga for Life

(all EST)


take a class

Yoga for Life - sample class


Looking for a complete yoga experience?

These classes are for you!  'Yoga for Life' is focused on improving the quality of your life, for your entire life. Consider this  practice for longevity, one that ebbs and flows with you. Intentionally designed yoga sequences lead you through a variety of classes that are steeped in alignment and purpose. Sixty minute classes will include a mix of breath, poses, a short guided mediation, and deep relaxation.  Other shorter classes will offer a variety of yoga, such as restorative, Katonah Yoga inspired, yoga nidra, chair/wall yoga, props to help the knees, and much more. 

All are welcome!


Strength Yoga - sample class


Want to improve your strength?

Meet the perfect twin to the yoga practice! These 40 minute classes are efficient, focusing on functional movements that strengthen several areas of your body at once. You will improve your balance, core stability, posture, and joint and muscle health. Because you use your own body weight or light weights, consider this practice very portable. No experience? Not to worry!  Each month, 4 consecutive classes build on each other to give you complete instructions, modifications, appropriate stretches, and techniques to move you deeper.

Come get strong!


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