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a glimpse of warrior II

March 20, 2017


Virabhadrasana II is one of the most accessible, user-friendly poses of our practice. But don't let that access fool you!  I once asked a very advanced yoga instructor which pose he was mastering, and he gave me a funny little grin and said 'warrior II' (he was totally serious!)  I was both surprised and humbled by his response, and since then, have realized the value of that encounter.


Lesson: 'BEGINNER'S MIND'.  Approach each posture as if it was your first class, without expectations, but rather, with an openness that keeps the practice clear and fresh.


Lesson: 'JOURNEY'.  Allow each posture to be your teacher for this day, with your aches or injuries, feeling your emotions, aligning with your mindset.  Tomorrow will be different.


Lesson: 'EQUANIMITY'.  Try to establish a balance in your practice that includes the difficult - the easy, the familiar - the unknown, the loved - the disliked, the right side up - the up side down, the energizing - the surrendering.  






(I bow to my teacher!)



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