Namaste.  I'm Mary. 

Mama. Wife. Teacher. Mentor. Writer. Life student. Former engineer and personal trainer. Designer and teacher of yoga classes since 2004. Yoga anatomy teacher and mentor. Instructor of vital functional movements and posture.  


I have always believed that if things in life align, go that way, and so I did. From watching my mama practice as a young girl, to my time spent at home raising our 3 kids, to stepping into my first yoga class at our local Y, to feeling the desire and fear of becoming a teacher, to committing to my Anusara training, to saying YES to every training and workshop around, to teaching a dozen classes while training a dozen clients, to finding my studio classes at World Peace Yoga, to maintaining my corporate classes past a decade, to developing anatomy training for new trainees, to agreeing to teach a portion of an advanced training I was attending, to inviting my students into my home when my aging parents were sick so that classes could continue, to creating a Strength Yoga practice requested by my students, to donating all of my classes at the start of the pandemic, to reluctantly teaching online, to falling in love with teaching online, to creating this space to send my yoga, Glimpse Yoga, out into the world to expand our community .. full of gratitude for this path that has aligned.


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My WHY is very simple....


to make this practice of yoga accessible to all ..
to assist beginners so they enjoy their first steps on the mat ..
to give everyone a chance to be strong and to stand tall ..
to help students feel safe and more confident in their body ..
to teach usable skills that go beyond the mat ..
to build a compassionate community ..
to share this antidote for stress and busyness ..
to invite all to find a pause so we respond with love ..
to encourage all to breathe with ease ..
to teach all to move functionally with grace ..
to support all to sit still so we can listen, especially to each other.
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